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Tips for Parents to engage kids during COVID lock down

How parents can keep kids busy and learning in Quarantine (COVID-19)


Due to the concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus, all schools, child day cares,

activity centers, play areas, parks etc have kept closed for the past 1year. With online

schoolings, children are spending everyday of cooped up at home with their parents.

It takes only a matter of weeks away from school for children to fall disastrously behind

schedule on their learning. Now, its been an year since we are facing these challenges.

Parents face a formidable challenge on how to keep their kids from bouncing of the walls or

melting into blobs in front of glowing screens, while also avoiding backside and learning


As a consequence of this current COVID-19 pandemic parents are faced with the challenge of keeping their children occupied at home. Parents can do a number of activities alongside their kids that facilitate active and engaged learning.

Tips for parents:

1) Parents should encourage their children to talk about pictures, predict what will

happen next in a story and what characters feel.

2) Reading interactively with children is very beneficial for language development.

3) Take kids for a walk downstairs within the complex and try to expand and talk about

whatever catches their attention, as an exercise in language skills.

4) Name the object and repeat it several times. Describe and talk about the object ex:

how it looks, shape, colour, size, use of it etc., ask the child what they think about the


Ex: “You are looking at a butterfly! That is a beautiful butterfly, isn’t it? Do you like the

butterfly? That butterfly is yellow. And look, over there, there’s another one-do you know

what to call it?”

5) Practice “give and take”----Reciprocate and utilise communicative scenarios to the

optimum level.

6) All games needs some rules to be fun, structure is creating a daily plan for whole

family to enjoy.

7) Kids loves to answer questions which you may don’t want to answer.

Honesty is -------Having open communication with your child when they ask questions.

8) Laughing out loud will always beat shouting out loud.

Fun is dancing --- round the kitchen with your kids for 10 min

9) Best gift that you can give your child is time

Attention is --- taking 20 minutes a day to give child 100% of your attention

10) One word can quickly lead to another. Patience is taking 5 deep breaths when you are

about to shout.

11) Painting on paper is better than painting on walls.

Smart is distracting your kids with something when you see them getting restless.

12) A Hi-Fi makes all the difference. Positive is --- spotting a child, being good and

praising them.

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