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Speech & Language Developmental Milestones
7-12 Months
  • Respond to their name

  • Imitate different speech sounds

  • Understand a few names of people and objects

  • Use gestures such as pointing, shaking head for "no", and waving "bye-bye"

  • Use one or two words even though they may not be clear 1-2 years

1-2 Years
  • Directly turn to a nearby sound

  • Use different consonant sounds at the beginning of words

  • Follow simple directions (“go get your coat”), and point to pictures in a book

  • Understand simple questions and words without your help (pointing to the object)

  • Say more words each month, use “no” or “not”, and ask questions

2-3 Years
  • Put two words together (“look doggie”, “juice mummy”) 2-3 years

  • Understand simple concepts (stop-go, up-down, big-little)

  • Follow simple stories in books

  • Understand two-step requests (“pick up the book and give it to daddy”)

  • Have a word for almost everything and use sentences sometimes with as many as five words

  • Take a number of turns in conversation

3-4 Years
  • Hear you when you call from another room

  • Seem to hear sounds at the same loudness levels as other family members (television, music, etc.)

  • Usually use sentences that have four or more words and understand questions like “what if...” and “how”

  • Talk about their daily activities

  • Follow longer stories

  • Say most sounds correctly

4-5 Years
  • Hear and understand most of what is said in their preschool, school and home environments.

  • Understand the rules of conversation (listening and taking turns).

  • Tell a story and stick to the topic.

  • Communicate easily with other children and adults.

  • Follow longer stories

  • Say most sounds correctly


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