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Occupational Therapy

The manner in which kids process sensory information is unique to each child and can change overtime or throughout the day. However, most kids tend to process the input they are receiving in similar ways. Taking in and using this information accurately is necessary for developing feelings of safety and security, all motor and social skills, and our ability to direct and maintain our attention.

Difficulty taking in or processing sensory information can lead to aggressive behavior, difficulty attending to a task, poor fine and gross motor skills, difficulty responding to demands of the environment, and difficulty bonding and relating to other people.

The goal of occupational therapy is to improve independence and develop skills in order for children to participate appropriately in their daily life activities. Occupational therapy practitioners provide evaluations, intervention and caregiver education. Children often get occupational therapy to help them with tasks related to self-care, play, and social-interaction, independent-living and at school.

The following are the different sensory systems:
  • gustatory (taste)

  • olfactory (smell)

  • auditory (hear)

  • tactile (touch)

  • vision

  • proprioception (deep pressure/body awareness)

  • vestibular (balance and movement)


What does Pediatric Occupational Therapy address?

Pediatric Occupational therapist helps children who face issues with the following:

  • Self-Care skills (these allow a child to take care of their own body needs. Ex: dressing/undressing, grooming, toileting, feeding and sleeping properly)

  • Fine Motor Skills (usually refer to the small muscle movements of the hands, fingers, and wrist. Coordination of these muscles is required to complete various daily life activities or tasks.)

  • Hand writing (pencil grip, stroke formation, legibility of letters)

  • Play and Motor Skills(age appropriate play with toys, eye-hand coordination, strength etc.,)

  • Motor coordination & planning

  • Visual perception and visual motor

  • Sensory Processing (processing of sensory information from various senses)


Opening Hours 
Monday – Saturday  9AM – 6PM
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Gachibowli Branch


2nd Floor, Apurupa Complex,

5-99/2/1/201,Near JRC Convention Center

Raidurgam, Gachibowli ,


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3rd Floor,PNR High nest Building,

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