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Daffodils Child Development Center Hyderabad

Therapies provided at our centers

Welcome to our comprehensive list of therapies for children and adolescents with developmental issues. We are proud to offer all of the therapies mentioned below, each tailored to the unique needs of children. We strive to provide the best possible care and support to children and their families. With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, we are confident that we can help your children reach their full potential

Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy helps children overcome communication difficulties by addressing language delays, articulation problems, fluency disorders, and other speech-related challenges

Learning based therapy

Learning-based therapy aims to enhance a child's cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning through structured activities that promote learning, memory, and problem-solving skills

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy helps children and adolescents with developmental disorders by reinforcing positive behaviors, reducing negative behaviors, and improving social skills through evidence-based interventions

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy helps children develop the skills necessary to perform daily activities, such as dressing, grooming, and school work, by improving fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory processing


Physiotherapy helps children overcome physical challenges through exercises, manual therapy, and other interventions that improve strength, mobility, and coordination

Feeding and swallowing therapy

Feeding and swallowing therapy focuses on evaluating and treating difficulties related to eating, drinking, and swallowing, which can impact a child's growth, development, and overall health

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy 

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy uses a scientific approach to develop and improve a child's skills and abilities, with a focus on reinforcing positive behaviors and reducing problematic ones

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