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Daffodils Child Development Center Hyderabad


Symptoms include stuttering, mispronunciation, delayed speech and language development, difficulty forming words or sentences, and understanding language.


Symptoms include impulsivity, hyperactivity, defiance, anxiety, mood swings, and difficulty following rules or routines.


Symptoms include picky eating, difficulty trying new foods, gagging or choking while eating, vomiting, and struggling to move from liquids to solid foods.


Symptoms include difficulty tolerating certain textures, smells or sounds, seeking certain sensory experiences, and struggling with coordination and balance.

Social interactions

Symptoms include difficulty reading social cues, making friends or connecting with others, and feeling anxious or overwhelmed in social situations.

Muscle physio

Symptoms include struggling with gross motor skills like crawling, walking, running or jumping, or fine motor skills like gripping, writing or buttoning clothing.

Learning cognitive

Symptoms include difficulty with reading, writing, math, paying attention, remembering information, problem-solving, and organization.

Challenges faced by children

We specialize in helping children overcome a wide range of challenges. Our highly trained team of therapists provides personalized care to address speech, behavioral, eating, sensory, muscle physio, social interactions, and learning cognitive concerns. We are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment for your children and are committed to their overall well-being. We care for each child as if they were our own family member.

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