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Daffodils Child Development Center Hyderabad

Sensory Concerns

Sensory Issues: child closes ears for sounds

If your child is closing their ears for certain sounds, it could be because they're having difficulty processing and integrating sensory information, including auditory inputs

Child likes only few textures/feeling of touches

Some children may have difficulty processing and responding to sensory information, including tactile (touch) information.

Child Staring at Objects for Long Periods

Children staring at objects for long periods of time indicates sensory difficulties, which may require a sensory-friendly environment, and use of visual schedules for support

Child always sing specific rhymes/music or does irrelevant talk

Sensory processing difficulties in children can result in behaviors like repetitive singing or talking that may seem unusual or irrelevant to others

Hyperactivity or anxiety upon going to new places or facing new situations

Anxiety and hyperactivity in children can be a cause of concern for parents, but with the right treatment and support, most children can learn to manage their anxiety and behavior.

Getting the child potty trained is a difficulty

Causes of potty training difficulties could vary from difficulty with body awareness, sensory aversions, difficulty with transitions and fear or anxiety:

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