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Daffodils Child Development Center Hyderabad

Behavioural Concerns

Hyperactive child : Always running around, doesn’t sit in one place

Hyperactive children who always run around, and have difficulty sitting still face challenges during activities that require focus for prolonged periods like school or meal times.

Disobedient child : Consistently doesn’t follow rules

Disobedience in children can be challenging for parents to manage, especially if it is persistent and consistent. Behavior modification strategies can help overcome the challenge.

Children repeating unwarranted actions consistently

Repetitive behaviors can be managed by strategies such as replacement behaviors, identifying triggers and implementing schedules.

How to Help a Child Who is Anxious or Depressed

Anxiety and depression in children can cause them to withdraw from social interactions. They can be caused by a variety of factors such as genetics, environment, or life experiences.

Restlessness and Excessive Talkativeness in Children

Restlessness, excessive talkativeness, and fidgeting are common behaviors exhibited by many children. They may be symptoms of a variety of conditions, including ADHD and anxiety.

Recklessness in Children, involving some danger

Child reckless behavior refers to a child's tendency to engage in potentially harmful activities without considering the risks involved.

Child is deliberately annoying other people

It’s important to understand that children who deliberately annoy others are not necessarily “bad” kids. In many cases, they are simply seeking attention or control over their environment.

Children throwing temper tantrums even for petty things

Some children may have frequent temper tantrums, even for petty things as they're more prone to experiencing intense emotions or struggling with emotional regulation than others

Selective speaking in Children : Speaking only at home

Selective speaking can be a cause of concern for parents, but with patience, support, and guidance, most children can develop normal communication skills.

Dealing with Sibling Jealousy in Children

Sibling jealousy is a common issue and can arise for many reasons, such as changes in family dynamics or differences in personalities.

Aggressive Behavior in Children

When dealing with a child's aggressive behavior, a behavior modification perspectives such as can the use of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement or punishment can be helpful

Managing Problematic Behaviors :Excessive screaming, shouting, roll-over floor, Hiding and Pinching

Behavior Therapy is used to manage such problems by focusing on behavioral triggers and modifying the environment to reduce the occurrence of these triggers.

Self-Injurious Behaviors in Children: Strategies and Recommendations

Self-injurious behaviors, such as head banging, hand biting, and teeth clinching, can be challenging for parents to manage.

Child doesn't respond to their name and does't make eye contact

It is important to be aware of the signs of developmental or communication disorders, such as when a child doesn't respond to their name and doesn't make eye contact.

Impulsive behaviour like throwing things even when others say ‘No’

Impulsive behavior refers to a child's difficulty in controlling their urges and acting without thinking such as throwing things or hitting others or refusing to follow instructions

Child doesn’t stay focused even for a short duration

Child displays inability to concentrate on tasks even for short time, which can result in difficulty completing tasks, falling behind in schoolwork, and frustration in daily activities

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