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Daffodils Child Development Center Hyderabad

Learning and Cognitive Concerns

Poor Academic Performance

Difficulty with reading, writing, and learning can be due to sensory processing, intellectual, and learning disabilities, executive functioning, and attention deficits.

Child struggling with reading, spelling, and recognizing letters and numbers

If your child is struggling with reading, spelling, and recognizing letters and numbers, it's possible that they may benefit from remedial therapy.

Child gets lost in between tasks

If your child is struggling to complete simple tasks and seems to get lost in between tasks frequently, it may be due to cognitive deficits.

Child unable to express when they are hungry or thirsty

By establishing routines, offering a variety of foods and drinks, using visual aids, and providing positive reinforcement, children can communicate their basic needs effectively.

Understanding Math Difficulties in Children

Math difficulties refer to a child's inability or difficulty in understanding numbers and basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Children struggling with letter formation and spellings

Occupational Therapist or a Psychologist can provide help improve the child's writing skills, and overcome their challenges with letter formation, spelling and grammar.

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